The Last of Us Part II

TLoU2 cover faded

Playstation 4

(released June 2020)

Games Designer – Single Player Story

The Last of Us Part II – Extended Contribution Showreel – 10:05


Eastbrook Elementary
The Seraphites
The Gate
Jackson – Prologue

– Eastbrook Elementary –

Classroom fire

Seattle Day 1: Getting revenge on the first of Abby’s crew; Jordan.  Escaping the school stronghold with buddy character “Dina” in the first combat against the human faction, the “WLF”.  Tutorial for human combat, flanking, grass combat vs humans, and prone combat.  Scripter Alex Stewart


Rope cutting set piece

  • Leverages existing mechanics to create unique set piece
  • Utilised item pickup proximity UI for reaching glass shard
Rope cut 1Rope cut 2

First human combat

  • Tutorial for flanking
  • Layout promoting flanking for both player and enemies
  • Combat with buddy “Dina”
School gif classroomSchool gif liibrary

Buddy gestures and animation setup

  • Scripted buddy search/explore behaviour and animations
  • Unique setup for buddy ‘look-out’ behaviour, driving pacing and navigation

Tutorial for grass combat vs humans

  • Set up of enemy vignettes
  • Enemy patrol routes for encouraging safe kills
  • Breadcrumbing player through the environment with enemy positions
School gif courtyardSchool gif rooftop

Soft tutorial for prone combat and hiding spaces

  • Layout supporting high chance of enemy ‘pull out’ mechanic

Showcasing enemy AI awareness of missing partners

  • Scripted searches for easy kill locations that promote enemy ‘check ins’ for partner
Eastbrook prone feet meet upEastbrook prone pull out

‘Eastbrook Elementary’ playthrough video – 17:10


– The Seraphites –

Seattle Day 2: Leaving the theatre alone and heading to the hospital to find Nora.  The deserted streets host multiple optional spaces (infected combat, rope puzzle, safe puzzle and a workbench ambush set piece) and a puzzle subverting the traditional use of a dumpster.  Introducing the new infected type “Stalkers” as well as the new human faction the “Seraphites”, also known as the “Scars”.  Scripter Alex Stewart

This level was used as the demo for the “Press Preview” a month before release.  Here are a few press impressions:
Eurogamer – Everything we learned Playing The Last of Us Part 2 Demo
Kinda Funny Games – Greg Miller’s The Last of Us Part II Preview – PS I Love You XOXO
GamingBible – The Last of Us Part 2 Hands-on Preview (Spoiler Free) – Ellie vs Seattle & The Infected
Gamespot: The Last of Us 2 Preview: Brutal and Ruthless


Introduction of new human enemy ‘Scars’

  • Introduction of ‘pulling out an arrow’ mechanic
  • Showcasing of Scar stealth behaviour in foliage
  • Plant arrangement to promote prone combat
  • Animation overlays and gesture setup for performance of first Scar encounter

Introduction of new Infected enemy ‘Stalkers’

  • Layout to showcase ‘hide and seek’, ambush and flanking behaviours
  • First chance introduction of ‘Trapped infected’ embedded in walls
Stalkers Approaching MaleStalkers Female Slice

Stalker in wall

Optional Infected combat

Workbench Ambush set piece

workbench menuworkbench ambush

Physics dumpster puzzle

  • Subverting expectation of standard ‘push and pull’ object
  • Emphasising narrative beat of being alone by trying to solve ‘buddy gate’ mechanic that traditionally requires a partner to operate

Optional rope puzzle


Safe puzzle

calendar safe lettercalendar safecalendarcalendar safe code

Opening streets after leaving theatre

  • Multiple optional spaces
  • Military checkpoint secret
  • Deserted streets to promote the narrative beat of being alone after leaving Dina at the theatre
streets gif 1streets gif 2

‘The Seraphites’ playthrough video – 1:00:32


– The Gate –

Seattle Quarantine Zone Wall

Start of Seattle Day 1:  Riding through the overgrown outskirts of Seattle and finding the abandoned freeway that leads to the city.  Scaling the Quarantine Zone wall to then solve the game’s first rope puzzle to open the gate.  Scripter Mark Burroughs


Rope puzzle

  • First puzzle using the throwable rope mechanic
  • Utilises maximum length restriction as puzzle problem
  • Buddy hint system using opt-in dialogue from Dina
  • Additional optional secret rope puzzle using same rope
  • Reminder of breakable windows
Rope too shortthrowing rope over fence

Traversal puzzle

  • Scaling the Seattle Quarantine Zone wall
  • Multiple solutions/routes to goal
  • Foreshadowing breakable windows for later rope puzzle
Seattle QZ wall blend gifSeattle QZ rope area blend gif

Buddy interactions with environment

  • Animation set up for physical touching of game world
  • Passive gestures for hinting at traversal solution

Horse navigation with buddy ‘Dina’

  • Navmesh implementation supports buddy navigation when player isn’t riding

Seattle forestSeattle forest cars

‘The Gate’ playthrough video – 21:50


– Jackson Prologue –

Opening of the game: Riding to Jackson as Joel, alongside buddy character “Tommy”.  Establishing the setting and theming of the ‘The Last of Us Part II’ world.  Scripter Banun Idris


First gameplay section in the game

  • Introduction of horse controls/movement
  • Buddy character “Tommy” driving pacing

Reveal of Jackson settlement

  • Establishing first goal
  • Cresting hill for vista of town

Introduction of location, setting and theme

  • Layout showing dilapidation of post apocalyptic world
  • Scripting of animals to show evidence of nature reclaiming the land
  • Establishing fortified town
Jackson gif 1Jackson gif 2

‘Jackson – Prologue’ playthrough video – 14:24


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