The Last of Us Part II

TLoU2 cover faded

Playstation 4

(released June 2020)

Games Designer – Single Player Story

The Last of Us Part II – Contribution Showreel – coming soon 00:00


Eastbrook Elementary
The Seraphites
The Gate
Jackson – Prologue

– Eastbrook Elementary –

First combat vs human enemies.  Scripter Alex Stewart

  • Rope cutting scene leveraging existing mechanics
    • Utilised item pickup proximity UI for reaching glass shard
  • First human combat
  • Tutorial for flanking
  • Combat with buddy

  • Tutorial for grass combat vs humans

  • Soft tutorial for prone combat

– The Seraphites –

Seattle Day 2, leaving the theatre alone and heading to the hospital.  Introduction of the new infected type “Stalkers”, and the new human faction the “Seraphites”, otherwise known as the “Scars”.  Scripter Alex Stewart

  • Introduction of new human enemy ‘Scars’
    • Introduction of pulling out an arrow mechanic
  • Introduction of new Infected enemy ‘Stalkers’
    • Layout to showcase “hide and seek”, ambush and flanking behaviours
  • Workbench Ambush set piece, subverting expectation of workbench menu
  • Physics dumpster puzzle
    • Changing expectation of standard ‘push and pull’ object to emphasise narrative beat of being alone
  • Optional rope puzzle
  • Optional Infected combat
    • Reward note links with workbench ambush
  • Instigator for improved ‘locked safe puzzles’ across the game
    • Calendar puzzle was the original prototype for new puzzle type
  • First chance introduction of ‘Trapped infected’ embedded in walls



– The Gate –

Start of Seattle Day 1, reaching Seattle and having to scale the Quarantine Zone wall.  Scripter Mark Burroughs

  • First puzzle using the throwable rope mechanic
    • Utilises maximum length mechanic as puzzle problem
  • Traversal puzzle of scaling the Seattle Quarantine Zone wall
  • Horse navigation with buddy ‘Dina’
    • Implementation of navmesh for buddy navigation when player isn’t riding
  • Optional secret rope puzzle


– Jackson Prologue –

Start of the game.  Scripter Banun Idris

  • First gameplay section in the game
  • Reveal of Jackson/location
  • Introduction of location, setting and theme


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