Killzone Mercenary


Playstation Vita

(released Sept 2013)

Level Designer – Single Player Campaign

Killzone Mercenary – Contribution Showreel – 01:58

Mission 1 – Halls of Justice
Mission 5 – The Package
Mission 8 – Blood Money
Scripted AI Buddy

– Mission 1 – Halls of Justice –

Halls of Justice 1Mission 1 – Worked with 1 other designer, we created the initial paper designs together and he created the second half greybox.  I created the greybox for the first half, then took full responsibility for the level and took the whole mission through first pass to completion.

Responsibilities for each mission:

  • AI scripting and character-type balancing
    • Focus on enemy combat and encounters
  • Structuring of narrative beats through the level
    • Implementation of key story sequences
    • Diorama creation for exposition
  • Implementation of mission objectives
    • Including ‘challenge mode’ objectives
  • Setup of character dialogue
  • All cover and special object placement
    • Including AI animation objects for navigation
    • Waypoints/Navmesh

Additional Responsibilities for Mission 1:

  • Tutorialisation of all gameplay mechanics
  • Scripting of AI buddy to lead pacing
  • Implementation of streaming system
    • Use of hard-gates for streaming opportunities
  • Optimisation
  • Bug fixing and polish

Playthrough Videos – Halls Of Justice

Halls of Justice Playthrough 1KZM_HoJ_Playthrough2_smallKZM_HoJ_Playthrough_3

Part 1 - 09:48

Part 2 - 09:28

Part 3 - 06:13


– Mission 5 – The Package –

The Package Trimmed

Mission 5 -Initial paper designs and greybox of second half of the level.  This level was the ‘visual benchmark’ level, so the greybox I worked on included art pass; this was equal to the ‘content complete’ stage for a level. Worked with 1 other designer who created the first half.

Additional Responsibilities for Mission 5:

  • Developed working greybox along side the art visual benchmark
  • ‘Mini Boss’ encounter
  • Aerial combat encounters
    • Design of aerial vehicle behaviour
  • Scripting of AI buddy character ‘Justus’
  • Placeholder animations for initial aerial vehicle sequences


– Mission 8 – Blood Money –


Mission 8 -Initial paper designs and greybox of first half of the level.  Worked with 1 other designer who created the second half.

Additional Responsibilities for Mission 8:

  • Creation of ‘trophy’ set pieces, such as the incinerator
    • Initial animation sequence for exposition of the incinerator
  • Prototyping of dynamic cover objects


– Scripted AI Buddy – ‘Ivanov’ –

Ivanov KZM

  • Design, development and implementation of ‘Buddy AI’ character Ivanov
    • Worked closely with AI programmer
  • Extensive scripted gameplay events
    • Drove the pacing of stealth sections and tutorials
  • Systematic behaviour design
    • Use of natural soldier behaviour during combat and non-scripted sections
    • Use of existing multiplayer animations for close combat situations
  • Use of existing ‘vehicle-driver’ system for carrying mechanic
    • Worked closely with gameplay programmer



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