Killzone Shadow Fall


Playstation 4

(DLC released Jul 2014)

Level Designer – Multiplayer Map (DLC)

Killzone Shadow Fall – Contribution Showreel – 01:20

– The Stormgracht –



  • Multiplayer Level layout from high concept to object placement
  • Stand-out ‘flood’ gameplay event from prototype to completion
  • Balancing of mission modes and team based layout
  • Level setup for AI ‘Bots’
    • Instigated ‘climb’ mechanic for bots into the game

Stormgracht Greybox

‘Flood’ gameplay event:

  • Player-controlled event instigated by turning a valve
    • Valve placed centrally in the map, on an exposed bridge
  • An ‘active’ event that players fight over
    • More dynamic that ‘passive’ environment events
    • Changed¬†gameplay opportunities and strategies during the game modes
  • Water floods entire central section of the map
    • Temporarily blocks routes
    • Destroys placed automata (such as turrets and shields)
    • Kills players
  • Telegraphing of the events start
    • Visual and audio cues
    • Opens up central line of sight
  • Worked closely with:
    • Environment artists
    • Technical artists
    • VFX artists
    • Gameplay programmers



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